Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update from Heather

Hello All!
This post is from Heather. A.J. asked me to give an update on things from my perspective.
The wedding is a little over four months away! I am very excited for A.J. and Chrissy. I know they are both very busy planning their wedding and their life together.
Chrissy has received the bridesmaid dresses. She loves them! I am excited to see mine and try it on. Before you know it, it will be the day that I wear it for their wedding. How exciting!
I am busy here thinking and planning Chrissy's bridal shower here in Virginia. The bridal shower is March 14, 2009, at our church. I am excited about it. I am trying to make it a very special day for Chrissy and her mother. I want Chrissy to feel welcomed into the Pregony family and into our church family. Pray that it all goes well with the bridal shower and their wedding as time draws near.

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