Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Engagement Pictures

Hi! This is Heather. A.J. and Chrissy just received their engagement pictures on a cd. So, I thought that you would like to see some of them. These were taken on July 16, 2008. I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Weekend of Aug.16&A.J.' s Birthday!

Hello family and friends, It has been a long time since you last heard from A.J. and I. Both of us have been doing our part in planning our wedding and beginning the process of finding a place to live after we are married. A.J. and I were able to spend his Birthday together this pass weekend. As always, we had a wonderful time together and it was also constructive. We were able to pick out our engagement pictures that we had done in July ( they came out beautiful) . For A.J.'s birthday- We met his Mother and Sister at this great restaurant, We had a wonderful time! On Saturday we decided to price furniture and we were also interested in seeing if we had similar taste in decor. Surprisingly enough we agreed on everything we picked out. A.J. and I were also able to look at a place to live and wished we had more time to look at other homes.At the beginning of the week I had made dinner reservations (A.J.'s choice :) ) to celebrate A.J. 's birthday. We thought it would be nice to celebrate his birthday on our own as well.We ended the day by going home and preparing for Sunday! The next day I was able to attend church and left Virgina that afternoon. Although it was a short trip we were able to spend time with each other and it was also beneficial.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Engagement Night from AJ's Perspective

Hi Everyone!

July 15 will be a day I will always remember. The plan for the day was set in motion when I received Chrissy's fathers approval to request her hand in marriage. I wanted to keep Chrissy on her toes, as she was persistent in wanting to know when I was going to ask. In fact, Chrissy had the engagement down almost to the day. So, I had to do things different then I originally had plan so I could throw her off.

I bought Chrissy matching earrings to give to her Monday night (July 14) to throw her off a little bit, but I decided to wait to give it to her the next day at dinner (I will touch bases on that in a few minutes), but instead I bought her a card and a box of chocolates and wrote a note and left it on her bed.

My idea for July 15 was to take Chrissy shopping and then take her to Va. Beach for a twilight dinner and follow by a walk on the beach. What Chrissy didn't know was the kind of restaurant that I was taking her to. I wanted it to overlook the ocean, so we can look out while we ate.

In the middle of dinner, I made an excuse to run to the bathroom and to get a camera for us to take pictures at the restaurant. What Chrissy didn't know is that I took the time to get the earrings and finish putting the bear together. I did not want the earrings to be in my pocket, as she may have seen it and thought something was up. Towards the end of dinner, I had the earrings on the chair and I told Chrissy that I loved her and that I wanted to give her something (the earrings). As I took it out and gave it to her, she look stunned and surprised as this was the moment. As Chrissy mentioned on her post, she realized that this wasn't it (and her face showed that as her demeanor had changed).

As we finished dinner, we went to the truck to get the cooler and the bag with the bear and a blanket to sit on while we are on the beach. We went out to the beach and we found a spot for the both of us to sit. There were people around us and it was my desire for us to have a very private romantic moment. I silently prayed that God will give us some privacy, so I can asked my love to marry me. As time went on the crowd around us thinned out and the majority of the people around us were just taking a stroll down the beach. I decided to start the proposal by telling Chrissy that I have written something, and that it was Thirty Reasons Why I Love Chrissy. I advised her that the order goes from being funny to being serious. After I read off the list, I told her that I had something else for her and I turned around and grabbed the bear out of the bag. I took the bear out and had the ring on a pearl necklace around the bear's neck. Then I played the message that I recorded for her and then I took the ring off the neck of the bear (which I had a hard time) and got on my knees and I asked my love to marry me. It was priceless to have seen her facial expression, because at that time her face had a look of awe and totally surprised by the whole thing.

From there, I told her that I had a few other things for her. I took out a wedding dress for the bear that I bought her, and then chocolate covered strawberries for us to eat in celebration.

I loved that night, as the one that God has chosen for me said yes and now we can begin our journey together.

As it is said, that is the rest of the story.

Monday, August 4, 2008

More pictures

These are more pictures of Chrissy's visit. I thought I would post these, as well. These were taken on July 17 and 18, 2008.

Chrissy in A.J.'s car A.J. and Chrissy at Bottom's Up Pizza in Richmond
Chrissy at Brown's Island in Richmond
Chrissy and A.J.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Accidental Video

Hi- Heather again. After I posted the pictures, I was reviewing the others I had. I came across a "video" that was accidentally recorded. It's kind of cute. So, I thought I would post it. I hope you will get a smile out of it. A.J. was having difficulty taking a picture, and it ended up being a video that Chrissy and I were laughing at and trying to help him. Oh, she called him "Honey." How cute! - Excuse the weird looking picture you see at first. We really are normal- sort of :-)

Pictures of Chrissy's Visit- finally

Hi! This is Heather. I am the one that puts up the pictures. I misplaced an important piece to my camera, so I could not put any pictures up for a while. Sorry! But, I now have a replacement piece that I borrowed from some friends- thanks to the wonderful Eachos! Here are some pictures. I hope they were worth waiting for. These were taken on Saturday, July 19, 2008, while Chrissy was here in Virginia.

Chrissy at the lake in Waynesboro.

Chrissy and A.J. at the lake.
Chrissy showing that "rock" again! :-)

A.J. driving

View of the mountains from Afton Mountain.

A.J. and Chrissy at Skyline Drive.

Brother and Sister being silly!

Future sister-in-laws

Chrissy, A.J. and A.J.'s mom at Skyline.

A.J. and Chrissy at church on July 20, 2008.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wedding plans already in the making

Hi Everyone!This is Chrissy! These last few weeks since coming home from Virgina have been very busy planning for our wedding. Things are already coming together! My Mother and I have booked the site where our wedding reception will be taking place and have chosen the menu selection. Bridesmaids dresses have been a burden, but, I think we have it narrowed down to the one. I will be having a Matron-of-honor and two Bridesmaids. They are very special to me and it is a true blessing that they are willing and able to be in the wedding! :)
This weekend I have managed to discuss the music which will be taking place during the ceremony .With much help from our faithful church organist and music coordinator Becca, we were able to pick out several music arrangements in which she played for me. A.J. and I are working together in asking soloists to sing songs that mean the most to us and that is going very well. I was also able to arrange someone to take our wedding pictures and when A.J. comes to Ct. we will discuss our pictures further with them.
Many of you already know, I also managed to buy a gown. After loving a certain gown to only find out it came in the color ivory and not in white, I was able to find the most perfect dress . After my Mother gave me WONDERFUL words of encouragement , I decided to take her advice and went to the Bridal Mall in Niantic. I was adamant and determined I would never find a gown that had similar expectations of the first gown. My intention was to browse only and not to buy at the Bridal Mall, so with that... I decided not to make an appointment to try on dresses. My Mother and I walked around and found two dresses and they managed to fit me in, in between appointments. The First dress I put on was very pretty, but not anything I was looking for. The moment I put the second dress on I immediately forgot about any dress that I may have considered or tried on before this point. Needless to say, I bought the dress!!!! But unfortunately, you will all have to wait and see on June 6, :).