Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pictures of Chrissy's Visit- finally

Hi! This is Heather. I am the one that puts up the pictures. I misplaced an important piece to my camera, so I could not put any pictures up for a while. Sorry! But, I now have a replacement piece that I borrowed from some friends- thanks to the wonderful Eachos! Here are some pictures. I hope they were worth waiting for. These were taken on Saturday, July 19, 2008, while Chrissy was here in Virginia.

Chrissy at the lake in Waynesboro.

Chrissy and A.J. at the lake.
Chrissy showing that "rock" again! :-)

A.J. driving

View of the mountains from Afton Mountain.

A.J. and Chrissy at Skyline Drive.

Brother and Sister being silly!

Future sister-in-laws

Chrissy, A.J. and A.J.'s mom at Skyline.

A.J. and Chrissy at church on July 20, 2008.


Mom Pregony said...

I enjoyed the Saturday we got to spend together. I've enjoyed getting to know you better. Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks! Glad that you found the perfect wedding dress and everything is coming together.

Chrissy said...

That is my favorite picture of A.J.! (the picture of him driving)
~Chrissy :)

Sissy said...

Hi Chrissy,
He is one good looking dude, isn't he? I agree it is a great picture of him. He looks like he is so happy and having a great time.I also enjoyed that day, when you all stopped by to visit.So nice to finally meet you and a joy getting to know you.