Friday, August 22, 2008

The Weekend of Aug.16&A.J.' s Birthday!

Hello family and friends, It has been a long time since you last heard from A.J. and I. Both of us have been doing our part in planning our wedding and beginning the process of finding a place to live after we are married. A.J. and I were able to spend his Birthday together this pass weekend. As always, we had a wonderful time together and it was also constructive. We were able to pick out our engagement pictures that we had done in July ( they came out beautiful) . For A.J.'s birthday- We met his Mother and Sister at this great restaurant, We had a wonderful time! On Saturday we decided to price furniture and we were also interested in seeing if we had similar taste in decor. Surprisingly enough we agreed on everything we picked out. A.J. and I were also able to look at a place to live and wished we had more time to look at other homes.At the beginning of the week I had made dinner reservations (A.J.'s choice :) ) to celebrate A.J. 's birthday. We thought it would be nice to celebrate his birthday on our own as well.We ended the day by going home and preparing for Sunday! The next day I was able to attend church and left Virgina that afternoon. Although it was a short trip we were able to spend time with each other and it was also beneficial.

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Anonymous said...

Hi AJ and Chrissy I just heard about your engagement and I just wanted to say congrats! Love ya mucho AJ's cuz Krista