Friday, June 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes- Wedding Morning- A.J.

It's Heather again. On the morning of A.J.'s and Chrissy's wedding, I was with Chrissy. So, I did not get to spend time with my brother, A.J. However, I did get to "sneak" down to visit him before the wedding and take some pictures. So, here are some of the pictures of A.J. before his wedding. Hope you enjoy them!

A.J.'s Pastors: Pastor Davis (CT) talking to Pastor Sumpter (VA)

A.J. and Pastor Sumpter

A.J. and Heather- we were posing! This isn't for real... this time!

A.J. and Heather before his wedding.

Brother and sister again

Pastor Jones (Chrissy's Pastor) and Pastor Sumpter (A.J.'s Pastor/Best Man)

The handsome groom ready to meet his bride!

Behind the Scenes- Wedding Morning- Chrissy

Hi, this is Heather! One cool thing, to me, about being one of Chrissy's bridesmaids is that I got to be at the church early and watch and help her get ready. That was SO much fun! If you can't tell by now, I LOVE to take pictures! I am going to put up several of her getting ready for her wedding. Don't worry... I will also do a posting of the actual wedding. But now, you get, let's say, a Behind the Scenes look at Chrissy Sienna on June, 6, 2009, before she walked down the aisle to become Chrissy Sienna Pregony. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Chrissy getting her makeup done.

Laura Neal, matron of honor, getting her hair done.

Chrissy putting her earrings on.

Heather putting Chrissy's necklace on her.

Chrissy getting her hair done. Pretty!

Rebecca Alligood ,bridesmaid, getting her hair done.

Chrissy with her dress before putting it on.

Heather helping Chrissy put her dress on. So much fun!

Some ladies helping Chrissy put her dress on.

Heather fixing Chrissy's necklace.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rehearsal Night

On Friday, June 5, 2009, was the night of the rehearsal. Everyone got together and did a "run through" on how things should go for the wedding on Saturday. Things went well. The wedding party went through the ceremony practice two times. Then after practice, we went downstairs for dinner.

We ate food from Oakdale Pizza. The food was delicious! We had salad, ziti, lasagna, chicken alfredo, sausage, onions and peppers and bread. For dessert, a lady from Cornerstone, Mrs. Larson, made a wonderful cookie platter. We also had cannolis. All the food was just wonderful.

Of course, everyone had a great time of fellowship. It was so good to see all the people talking and laughing. People that just met each other were talking and acting like they have known each other for a long time. It is amazing on how such a sweet spirit there was there!

Of course, I have pictures! I took many pictures! Again, if you have access to Facebook, you can check there on my page, Chrissy's, or even Mrs. Jones' page (pastor's wife of Cornerstone) for all the pictures. I hope you enjoy them!

A.J and Chrissy practicing their vows. The wedding party Chrissy and her dad walking in the auditorium.
Chrissy and Heather before the rehearsal.

Chrissy and her tablecloth train.Pastor and Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Jones talking to Pastor and Mrs. Sumpter
Food table- Yum! Yum!
Long view of set table

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bridal Shower in CT

Picture time!!

Chrissy had her bridal shower in CT on April 25, 2009. I had the opportunity and privilege to go up for that. My Aunt Carolyn and I were able to attend Chrissy's shower. The shower was given to Chrissy by the ladies of her church.

The shower was very nice. There was a great devotional given by Mrs. Kent. There were also several games that were played. The food was delicious. The fellowship was great! It was a blessing to be there. I am so glad I got to go!

The outpouring of love shown to Chrissy and A.J. was amazing! I was impressed and encouraged. I definitely know they were. It was such a great time! They received many gifts that will be a help to them in their new home as they start their lives together.

I am posting some pictures here of the shower. As mentioned in the previous post with the bridal shower in VA, there are pictures on Facebook. So, if you have access to Facebook and if you are Chrissy's or my "friend," you can check that out for all of the pictures. There is no way I can include all of the pictures that were taken that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Chrissy opening a picture with bears hugging named A.J. and Chrissy.
Chrissy and I while she was opening her gifts.
Mrs. Kent giving her devotional to Chrissy.
Chrissy talking to Aunt Carolyn and view of people
Chrissy and A.J. with Chrissy's kitchen gadget apron
Chrissy and Heather
Chrissy's mom and some of her family
Chrissy and her cake
Chrissy and Mrs. Sienna (her mom)
Yummy cake!!
Chrissy and I after church on Sunday. Chrissy and A.J. after church on Sunday.
A.J., Aunt Carolyn, and Chrissy after shower
Aunt Carolyn and Chrissy

Friday, March 20, 2009

Bridal Shower in VA

Hi everyone!

I am SO sorry for the LONG delay of posting. Life has been EXTREMELY busy with things. But, I thought, I should post bridal shower pictures before the wedding.

I wanted to give you a quick update. Chrissy had her bridal shower here in VA, on March 14, 2009. I think it went well. I am so amazed how the Lord worked through it all with the planning, calmness of heart, and with it being a blessing to Chrissy and her mother. The Lord is good! It was a lot of work and planning that I had to do. Somehow, the Lord worked it all out. I am still in awe thinking about all the answers to prayer that the Lord showed me through preparing this "shower of blessing" for Chrissy.

I believe Chrissy and A.J. were encouraged by the love and support shown to them. They also received many gifts that is going to be a big help to them as they start their lives together. I was also encouraged by the love shown to them. It really was an answer to my prayers!

Here are just a few pictures of the shower. I deleted some off my camera, by accident. All of them are on Facebook. So, if you have access to Facebook and are Chrissy's or my "friend" on there , you can check out all the pictures. I hope you enjoy these pictures!
View of People

Pictures of the Happy Couple

Centerpiece on table Kayla, Julia, Chrissy, Elizabeth, and A.J.(cool helpers) Aunt Sissy, Uncle Red, and A.J. Wedding Invitation, Bear, Picture

Dessert Table

I made cupcakes instead of us having a cake.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Chrissy Update!

Hello Family and Friends,
Praying that everyone is having a happy and healthy 2009 so far! Now that February is here the wedding is fast approaching. Wedding plans are going well and little by little our long wedding check list is beginning to dwindle. This past week was very busy for my Mother and I. The Bridesmaids dresses came in and they are so beautiful!!! We also ordered the invitations and they should be coming in any day now. I am very excited to see how they turned out. After a fun filled Saturday morning of finally getting my brother's car out of our icy driveway for several hours, we managed to make our appointment with the lovely lady who will be making our wedding cake (we are purchasing our wedding cake at "You take the cake"). My parents and I were able to taste several kinds of cake and picked an entirely different flavor then I originally wanted. I was thankful for the taste testing because we would have missed out on the delicious chocolate cake with nutella filling. A.J. and I are very excited for our upcoming wedding and would ask that you would continue to pray for us. So,much more to do and we will keep everyone posted!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Update from Heather

Hello All!
This post is from Heather. A.J. asked me to give an update on things from my perspective.
The wedding is a little over four months away! I am very excited for A.J. and Chrissy. I know they are both very busy planning their wedding and their life together.
Chrissy has received the bridesmaid dresses. She loves them! I am excited to see mine and try it on. Before you know it, it will be the day that I wear it for their wedding. How exciting!
I am busy here thinking and planning Chrissy's bridal shower here in Virginia. The bridal shower is March 14, 2009, at our church. I am excited about it. I am trying to make it a very special day for Chrissy and her mother. I want Chrissy to feel welcomed into the Pregony family and into our church family. Pray that it all goes well with the bridal shower and their wedding as time draws near.