Monday, June 1, 2009

Bridal Shower in CT

Picture time!!

Chrissy had her bridal shower in CT on April 25, 2009. I had the opportunity and privilege to go up for that. My Aunt Carolyn and I were able to attend Chrissy's shower. The shower was given to Chrissy by the ladies of her church.

The shower was very nice. There was a great devotional given by Mrs. Kent. There were also several games that were played. The food was delicious. The fellowship was great! It was a blessing to be there. I am so glad I got to go!

The outpouring of love shown to Chrissy and A.J. was amazing! I was impressed and encouraged. I definitely know they were. It was such a great time! They received many gifts that will be a help to them in their new home as they start their lives together.

I am posting some pictures here of the shower. As mentioned in the previous post with the bridal shower in VA, there are pictures on Facebook. So, if you have access to Facebook and if you are Chrissy's or my "friend," you can check that out for all of the pictures. There is no way I can include all of the pictures that were taken that day. I hope you enjoy looking at them!

Chrissy opening a picture with bears hugging named A.J. and Chrissy.
Chrissy and I while she was opening her gifts.
Mrs. Kent giving her devotional to Chrissy.
Chrissy talking to Aunt Carolyn and view of people
Chrissy and A.J. with Chrissy's kitchen gadget apron
Chrissy and Heather
Chrissy's mom and some of her family
Chrissy and her cake
Chrissy and Mrs. Sienna (her mom)
Yummy cake!!
Chrissy and I after church on Sunday. Chrissy and A.J. after church on Sunday.
A.J., Aunt Carolyn, and Chrissy after shower
Aunt Carolyn and Chrissy

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Sissy said...

You did a great job with all the posting. I am so happy for A.J. and Crissy. They make such a cute couple. Love You Guy's!

Aunt Sissy