Friday, March 20, 2009

Bridal Shower in VA

Hi everyone!

I am SO sorry for the LONG delay of posting. Life has been EXTREMELY busy with things. But, I thought, I should post bridal shower pictures before the wedding.

I wanted to give you a quick update. Chrissy had her bridal shower here in VA, on March 14, 2009. I think it went well. I am so amazed how the Lord worked through it all with the planning, calmness of heart, and with it being a blessing to Chrissy and her mother. The Lord is good! It was a lot of work and planning that I had to do. Somehow, the Lord worked it all out. I am still in awe thinking about all the answers to prayer that the Lord showed me through preparing this "shower of blessing" for Chrissy.

I believe Chrissy and A.J. were encouraged by the love and support shown to them. They also received many gifts that is going to be a big help to them as they start their lives together. I was also encouraged by the love shown to them. It really was an answer to my prayers!

Here are just a few pictures of the shower. I deleted some off my camera, by accident. All of them are on Facebook. So, if you have access to Facebook and are Chrissy's or my "friend" on there , you can check out all the pictures. I hope you enjoy these pictures!
View of People

Pictures of the Happy Couple

Centerpiece on table Kayla, Julia, Chrissy, Elizabeth, and A.J.(cool helpers) Aunt Sissy, Uncle Red, and A.J. Wedding Invitation, Bear, Picture

Dessert Table

I made cupcakes instead of us having a cake.

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