Friday, June 12, 2009

Behind the Scenes- Wedding Morning- Chrissy

Hi, this is Heather! One cool thing, to me, about being one of Chrissy's bridesmaids is that I got to be at the church early and watch and help her get ready. That was SO much fun! If you can't tell by now, I LOVE to take pictures! I am going to put up several of her getting ready for her wedding. Don't worry... I will also do a posting of the actual wedding. But now, you get, let's say, a Behind the Scenes look at Chrissy Sienna on June, 6, 2009, before she walked down the aisle to become Chrissy Sienna Pregony. I hope you enjoy these pictures!

Chrissy getting her makeup done.

Laura Neal, matron of honor, getting her hair done.

Chrissy putting her earrings on.

Heather putting Chrissy's necklace on her.

Chrissy getting her hair done. Pretty!

Rebecca Alligood ,bridesmaid, getting her hair done.

Chrissy with her dress before putting it on.

Heather helping Chrissy put her dress on. So much fun!

Some ladies helping Chrissy put her dress on.

Heather fixing Chrissy's necklace.

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