Friday, September 5, 2008

A Busy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello family and friends,
A.J. and I were able to spend Labor-day weekend together. I was able to meet A.J.'s fathers side of the family, who live here in Ct. . A.J's Aunt made a delicious breakfast!It was a nice time and I enjoyed meeting them very much.
Despite the fact that A.J. came into Ct. so late the night before and even though he was exhausted we were still able to do some things together for the wedding and which included finalizing the tuxes for the groomsmen. Although we were in the shop for a while the process of choosing the tuxes for the groomsmen are much easier then picking out dresses for the bridesmaids. During that time together I was able to show A.J. the reception site for the first time and we also managed to do some less complicated things for the wedding as well.Sunday was another busy day, but was able to have lunch with my parents after church. During that afternoon we worked on our engagement announcement for the paper ( we will keep everyone posted when it will be in the paper) Monday came to quick and our weekend together came to an end. My parents were able to meet A.J's sister (she also came for the weekend and was able to spend that time with family.). We all met for breakfast before they made the long trip back to Virgina. Things are coming together and this past weekend was very beneficial. Can you believe that we have been engaged for almost two months!!!! It is going by so quickly and we will continue to keep everyone posted!

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