Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

Hi, Heather here! A.J. and I went to Connecticut for Labor Day weekend. A.J. and Chrissy had some wedding things to take care of. On Saturday, my Aunt Carolyn made an awesome breakfast that Chrissy was able to come to and meet A.J.'s family. Monday morning, Chrissy and her family, A.J., and I got to meet for breakfast. Of course, I have pictures!!!

A.J. and Chrissy at our family's house Krista, Chrissy, A.J., Aunt Carolyn, and Uncle Joey
Chrissy, A.J., Uncle Bobby, and Aunt Debbie
Chrissy, A.J., and Heather
Chrissy, A.J., Heather, and Uncle Bobby
Mr.and Mrs. Sienna(Chrissy's parents), Chrissy, and A.J.
Again...the guys being silly.
Mr. and Mrs. Sienna, Chrissy, A.J., and John (Chrissy's brother)

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