Sunday, July 13, 2008

Build- A- Bear

Hi! This is Heather (A.J.'s sister). I am writing about A.J.'s visit to Build- A- Bear. He made a bear for Chrissy. This bear is going to play a vital role in the proposal. It is sweet! But for me, it also was quite hilarious watching him get the bear. The lady that stuffed the bear made him do some funny things before the bear was stuffed. When we left, she told us that this made her day! I also had a lady in the store ask me questions about what A.J. was doing. She also thought it was sweet and gave advice about the proposal. Here are the pictures for you all to see. I hope you enjoy! There are a lot of pictures! A.J. picking out bear. It is white and pink. A.J. recording sound for the bear. Sweet! Lady stuffing the bear. A.J. holding the bear's heart. ...... still stuffing
A.J. holding bear to make sure it is soft enough.
She asked A.J. to pretend to shoot a basketball.
A.J.'s warming the bear's heart.
A.J. finishing his basketball jump. A.J. turning in a circle.
A.J. putting the bear's heart over his heart. A.J. kissing the heart. A.J. putting the heart into the bear. A.J. giving the bear a "bath".
A.J. picking out clothes for the bear- a wedding dress :-) A.J. picking out the bear's shoes. A.J. with the bear, dress, and shoes. A.J. making the birth certificate.
This is the bear's name. Time to check out: bear, shoes, dress, roses.

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Mom Pregony said...

AJ I wish I could have seen you and Heather as you were getting the bear. I can see you both now cracking up. These pictures are so funny. I am so happy for you and look forward to traveling and sharing with you this great journey as you and Chrissy travel this road together.