Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Looking back at the weekend!

Hi Everyone! Its Chrissy! One week has already passed since A.J. and I got engaged. Our week together ended Monday, July 21 at 8 am. . We had a wonderful time together and can't believe its already over! Saturday, I was able to meet two of A.J.'s Aunts and their husbands. They are all very sweet! A.J's Aunt Sissy did a beautiful DVD for the both of us which included several pictures of A.J. preparing for our engagement (of course I cried through the entire thing) . A.J. and I were able to do some sight seeing up in the mountains while A.J.'s Mom and sister spent some quality time visiting family. A.J. and I walked around a camp ground where the view of a lake and mountains was amazing! We headed back to A.J.'s Aunt Sissy's house and we all went out for dinner. It was so nice getting to know some of A.J.'s extended family...we had great time!
Sunday was another long day. Although, we got in late on Saturday we were all able to get up early for church... after the morning service I was able to start packing and do a little relaxing before it was time to leave for the evening church service. Before heading out to church A.J. and I thought it would fun if we dressed the bear that he got for me ( the one he built for our engagement :) ) What a fun time trying to put a wedding gown and shoes on a stuff bear. She looked so cute all dressed up. After the evening church service we were able to meet up with A.J.'s Pastor & family and another family that A.J. is very close with. It was a good time of fellowship and I was able to meet more of A.J.'s friends. Even though it was a long weekend I am happy to have met A.J.'s wonderful family and friends .
After a long train ride on Monday, I am back home in Ct. and very excited to plan for our wedding . Although, A.J. and I miss each other we are using this time to spend with our families. We will keep everyone posted as we lead up to our special day June 6, 2009.
(Pictures will soon be posted)


Heather said...

I enjoyed getting to spend time with Chrissy this weekend and getting to know her better. I do miss her while she is back in CT, but I'll see her soon.

Sissy said...

Dear Chrissy,
I am so glad I finally got to meet you. I know now why A J fell in love with you. Just what time I spent with you I know that you are a beautiful girl both inside and out.You are a blessing to A J and our family. Can't wait until you come to VA again and maybe we can come to Richmond to visit you there. Take Care!

All My Love,

Mom Pregony said...

Hi Chrissy and AJ,

Congratulations to you both on your first week anniversary of your engagement. I am thankful that you got home safely. I enjoyed the time we spent together and I cannot wait for you to come in August for AJ's birthday. May God continue to bless you and AJ as you begin preparations for the wedding. Take care.

Love Mom